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Public Service Announcement Requests

Public Service Announcements are offered to non-profit entities within our broadcast area that wish to promote their event or organization on 97.7 KTPI-FM's “Community Calendar”. While PSAs are often aired free, they many end up in the wastebasket before they are broadcast because they’re hard to read, have basic information missing, or are sent without sufficient lead time. Please Email your PSA request form to


1) Include All Necessary Information: While this may seem like a simple thing, you would be surprised at the number of PSAs we receive which do not have a date for the event. Include who is invited to attend, the date and hours of the event, the place where it will be held, the type of event, why it is taking place, and a contact number for both the public and the media. Keep it short.

2) Identify Yourself or Your Organization: You should always identify yourself or organization clearly somewhere in your PSA.

3) Release Date: A good rule of thumb is to send your PSA 14 days in advance. And, do not include more than one event in each PSA!

4) Time of posting: All PSAs are posted subject to time and space availability. We cannot guarantee a PSA will be posted at any specific time.

5) Paid PSAs: If you wish to purchase regular commercial airtime, Please call our Business Office at 661-947-3107 if you are interested in paid advertising. There are a limited number of slots for PSAs, so we will do our best to ensure all eligible PSAs get posted. Please be advised this is a request, not a guarantee.

*PSAs are only eligible to be used for non-profit organizations and their events only. If you wish to have more control over the rotation and exposure of your message or event, you may contact the sales department. Business entities or business-based events will not be considered for PSA material.

July 2022