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When you’re sitting in the car wondering if the person in the next car over in traffic thinks that you’ve lost your mind because you are seemingly laughing hysterically to yourself, or sitting in the parking lot at your destination waiting for us to finish a topic, silly phone call, interview, game or conversation…..
We are right there with you. And with you all the way.

Weekdays 2pm-7pm

I love being part of this community and being part of your
workday on 97.7 KTPI. I supply the great country
music to help your day move along.

Weekdays 12am-6am & Weekends 12am-6am

Cody's radio shows are broadcast on stations across America and originate from Nashville.
Cody's wit, energy, and harm shine with big star guests and live interaction with listeners.

Sunday Mornings 7AM-11AM

The Crook & Chase Countdown. Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase are not only two of the most well-known authorities on the Country music scene; they are also huge fans of the format. Each weekend, Crook and Chase count down the top 30 songs as reported by Mediabase 24/7.

Weekdays 7pm-12am & Saturdays 7pm-12am

Whitney Allen brings her big personality, big ratings and
big energy that she honed on The Big Time
Saturday Night to weeknights.

Sunday Evenings 6PM-9PM

“I get the chance to share some of the best events in Nashville with our audience,” says Sutton.  “From red carpets to number one parties, I want country music fans from coast to coast to experience what it’s like to be there. It’s about time we had an entertainment show solely dedicated to country music stars and events. It’s a concept I’ve had in my head for a while, and I’m grateful to the teams at Silverfish and Compass Media Networks for helping bring it to life!”